Tuesday, June 1, 2010

public birthdayparty celebration on chatroulette

lately i was online late night, bored and a lil bit horny i confess . i was fiddeling with chatroulette and then i found this great birthday party. all those girls there werde drunk and had a macbook running chatroulette. some of the were so drunk they even took off their shirts and were flashing on live cam. it was a great experience, to keep their cam i started some hot moves and those girls seemed to like me, they flashed their tits and some of them even their pussy just in front, i couldnt resist and started masturbating but without showing it on cam, to be sure they do not click me away..

recording chatroulette girls

lots of usere lately asked me how to grab chatroulette girls. it aint easy there are some paid tools for that but i didnt figure out a free one to convert those cam clips . if i get a update i willinform you

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

best of chatroulette teenage girls

today i had a great idea, i thought after having spend lots of nights in front of chatroulette, that it would be fun, if theres a website that contains the best rips of chatroulette scenes. of course you guys are on the hunt for cute girls doing dirty stuff in front of their privatecam. believe me, those are rare to find, its easer to visit some other site if your search for naked daughters playing their clits and tiny cunts in front of a webcam.
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